Wednesday, 15 February 2017

NTSE 2016-17 Rajasthan first stage result declared

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NTSE Rajasthan first stage result declared.
  263 students selected (Gen - 195 SC- 40, ST - 21 & PH - 7),
Cutoff General - 137, SC - 113 , ST - 125 & PH - 77

Friday, 10 February 2017

Restoring of Class 10 Board Examination

Resonance Experts believes on account of students not taking studies seriously and lack of Board Examination was poorly reflecting the quality of Education.
Finally a long awaited decision regarding Restoring the Class 10 Board Examination with effect from the Academic Year 2017-18, Official notification has been released by CBSE  on 31 Jan’2017, on its official website.
CBSE has favoured restoration of Compulsory Board Examination from the Academic Year 2017-18 with  weightage 80% for Board Examination and 20% based on Internal Assessment (School-Based Assessment). Students have to secure minimum 33% marks in each subject to pass the examination (33% in written exams as well as 33% in Internal Assessment).
1. Board Examinations:Board will conduct written examinations of 80 Marks in each Subject covering 100% syllabus of class 10 only. Marks & Grades will be given for Individual Subjects.
2. Internal Assessment:
I. Periodic Test (10 Marks) : Academically 3 Test will be conducted by the school and Average of Best 2 will be submitted at the time of final marks submission.
II. Notebook Submission (5 Marks) : Notebook submission is a part of Internal Assessment is aimed at enhancing seriousness among students to prepare classroom notes of the topics being taught in the class. This also addresses the critical aspect of Regularity, Assignment Completion, Neatness & upkeep.
III. Subject Enrichment (5 marks) : These are Subject specific activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding & skill development. The activities are to be recorded internally by the respective subject  teachers.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NTSE 2016-17 ODISHA first stage result declared

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NTSE ODISHA first stage result declared.
144 students selected (Gen - 107 SC- 21, ST - 12 & PH - 4),
Cutoff General - 105, SC - 84 , ST - 79 & PH - 75