Tuesday, 17 April 2018

6 Days BITSAT Bridge Course in Classroom Mode with Study Material & Testing Lab at Kota Only


  1. English Proficiency  (EP) & Logical Reasoning  (LR) Lectures.
  2. 2 Full Syllabus Online Tests in simulated environment at Resonances Digital Lab.
  3. Tests conducted under strict invigilance.
  4. Instant Score & Performance Analysis.
  5. Study Material.

Study material Includes:

BITSAT Booster

  • Important  Information about BITSAT.
  • English Proficiency Refresher.
  • Logical Reasoning Refresher.
  • BITSAT 2010-2017 Memory Based Questions, 8  years similar papers.
  • 10 Sample Papers.

DPPs (Daily Practice Problem Sheets)

  • 10 DPPs of English Proficiency.
  • 10 DPPs of  Logical Reasoning.

BITSAT Preparation CD

  • Sample Tests :  Includes 10  Full Syllabus  Tests as per Online Exam Pattern.
  • Unlimited Access : Appear  in  the Tests unlimited number of  times  to make yourself comfortable  for  the online exam pattern as  in BITSAT
  • Performance Analysis :  It gives  you a brief performance analysis  for each  test
  • Anytime, Anywhere Testing  : Appear  in  the online  tests anytime and  from anywhere according  to  your comfort  level. No  internet connection  required.
  • Completeness : All  the Tests cover complete Exam syllabus with Hints/Solutions to each question.


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